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Colorado Air Pollution Control Division

Colorado Air Pollution Control Division
Colorado Air Pollution Control Division

Colorado agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But first they exempted the biggest polluters.

Industrial facilities have to cut CO2 by 20%, but if they make steel or cement, it’s only 5%. Here’s why.


Colorado tightens air pollution rules after staff shake-up, whistleblower complaint 

Policies that weakened oversight of small polluters have been tightened. But they still may have "backdoor exits" one environmental group says.


Ozone plagues Colorado’s Front Range, state report says, but bids to change it are elusive

Air pollution officials wrap up the “ozone year” with a dire look at summer of ‘21 and rising three-year averages, with little hope for better in near future.


Colorado air pollution director Garry Kaufman reassigned after conflict of interest investigation

A special investigator found a failure to report professional conflict and raised questions about Colorado’s pollution modeling. Kaufman is moved to a newly-created job less than a month later.


Whistleblowers raised valid concerns about Colorado air pollution monitoring, probe finds, but problems were unintentional

An independent investigation commissioned by the Attorney General also says boss of Air Pollution Control Division should have disclosed his prior work for Newmont Corp. when a pollution permit for a Teller County mine came before him.


WHO says air pollution caps should be much tougher in Colorado, U.S.

Influential world health monitor issues strict guidelines calling for steep cuts to ozone and particulate PM2.5 emissions in Front Range counties that saw sharp spikes in both this past summer.


Colorado regulators move forward with controversial new rule to slash greenhouse gas emissions

“We can’t keep doing the same thing over and over” to cut oil and gas emissions, strategist says as first-in-the-nation “intensity target” regulation moves on to full hearing in December.


A new rule to slash oil and gas emissions appeals to the industry, but Colorado activists worry it won’t work

The proposed "intensity target" rule aims to slash carbon emissions from the oil and gas industry by 60%. But the targets are based on data that doesn’t exist.


Colorado’s bad air includes fumes from sunscreen, bug spray and hand lotion

“The home is the new tailpipe” say Boulder researchers, showing consumer products contribute a big portion of ozone-causing chemicals ruining Front Range air. The state could do something about it, scientists say.


Here’s what you need to know about Colorado air pollution — and what you can do about it

A heat wave spikes ozone levels to “Unhealthy” on the Front Range, and Sun readers have questions. We sought some of the top air experts in the state for your answers.


Some of the worst ozone pollution in the U.S. settles along the Front Range. New rules to fix it are ahead.

Colorado has made some progress toward reducing the chemical dangerous to human health. But it will take leaning on automobiles and oil and gas producers to really move the needle.


Northern Weld County to be placed under tighter ozone restrictions in EPA reversal

All of Weld County will now come under tougher oil and gas and vehicle rules to tamp down the dangerous chemical


Colorado OKs Suncor refinery’s plan to fix violations with $12 million in emergency shutoff equipment

Automated lockdowns of key gasoline-refining stacks may prevent the white dust clouds that enraged Globeville and Commerce City neighbors and environmental groups.


Colorado wants big companies to attack climate change by getting their employees to ditch car commutes

Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division wants businesses with more than 100 workers to start charging for parking, provide shuttles from transit stops and allow more working from home.


Colorado used since-“retired” memo when writing disputed Suncor refinery pollution permit

Colorado officials now say they have withdrawn the 2010 memo as guidance for staff, but whistleblowers say the technical analysis for Suncor uses the same unlawful rules and the permit should be torn up


Suncor refinery’s bid for new permit gets rough hearing as advocates want to “end the cycle of problem, apology, repeat”

Refinery neighbors, environmental advocates say pollution controls should come with new Suncor permit


Former mining company attorney regularly granted a past client exemptions as Colorado’s head of air pollution control, records show

Whistleblowers point to Director Garry Kaufman’s approval of exemptions for Newmont’s Cripple Creek & Victor Mine as clear conflicts of interest that prioritize the industry over public health


Colorado attorney general launches probe of whistleblowers’ air-pollution control complaints

Phil Weiser’s office asks for a third-party investigator to assess internal employee complaints that the Air Pollution Control Division ignored the law and falsified data


As Suncor permits come up for renewal, advocates see chance to push for pollution cuts at Commerce City refinery

An independent review required millions in safety shutoff spending to stop refinery leaks, but neighbors and advocates want more emission controls.


Sen. Winter, Rep. Jackson: It’s time for climate action and justice in Colorado. Our bills will help us get there.

While progress to reduce emissions has been made, voluntary commitments and incentives will not be enough to reach our climate goals and protect our Colorado way of life. We need enforceable climate action now.

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