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Nicolais: Supporting Brittany Pettersen for Congress is about more than just politics as usual for me

For the first time in almost a decade, since I ran for state Senate, I will open my home to a political event this Saturday evening. Ironically, it will be for the person who currently holds the office I had hoped to fill. Along with former state Rep. Cole Wist, former FirstBank CEO John Ikard, […]

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Zornio: If Republican leaders won’t change course after Trump, Republican voters will have to

Last month, former state Rep. Cole Wist announced he was leaving the Republican Party. “It’s been 1 year since Jan. 6, 2021,” he said in a tweet. “All downhill from there. Election lies, vaccine misinformation, making it harder to vote, excusing Jan. 6 thuggery, conspiracy theories galore. I tried. I encouraged reason. I urged a […]

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Nicolais: The decline and fall of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown

In the seminal History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon detailed the cruelty and persecution Nero enacted upon his people. As an anachronistic legend recounted, the emperor fiddled while Rome burned down around him. For the past quarter century, Dudley Brown took similar pleasure in the destruction he wrought over […]

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Nicolais: Colorado conservatives take steps toward LGBTQ equality

As the committee hearing that began early Thursday afternoon dragged on into the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day, six bills aimed at the LGBTQ community died before the sun rose on the day traditionally dedicated to celebrating love. While my initial reaction to these bills represented a subdued dismay over continued Republican efforts to […]

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“We’ll see where it goes”: Impeachment has provided rocket fuel to the ascent of Colorado’s Joe Neguse

Two years ago, Democrat Joe Neguse was managing Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Affairs, an important, yet anything-but-sexy job in state government.  He was appointed to the position after the blow of losing a statewide race to become Colorado’s secretary of state. Fast forward to today and the 35-year-old, first-year U.S. representative is a prominent voice […]

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Krieger: “Red Flag” is a law-and-order bill. So why is the GOP against it?

Nikolas Cruz, the high-school shooter in Parkland, Fla., who killed 17 on Valentine’s Day, 2018, had a history of anger issues, including one third-hand report of a specific threat to shoot up his school. Three months before the Parkland shooting, a cousin of his recently deceased adoptive mother recommended to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office […]

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The “red flag” gun bill is expected to pass in Colorado. But there are important things to watch along the way.

Before a 10-hour hearing at the Colorado Capitol on a “red flag” gun bill last week even began, the die had been cast. The measure won the House Judiciary Committee’s approval, as it always was slated to. And no matter how hard Republicans push back, it’s expected to ultimately pass the legislature this year. For […]

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Colorado’s “red flag” gun bill makes its debut. Here’s how it compares to other states.

Democratic state lawmakers are introducing a “red flag” gun bill on Thursday, legislation that would allow a Colorado judge to order the firearms of a person deemed a risk to themselves or others to be temporarily seized. The measure is expected to be among the most hotly debated at the Capitol this year, piggybacking off […]