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Cole Wist

Cole Wist

Where do Colorado Republicans go from here?

No Republican running statewide has won more than 45% of the vote in the past two election cycles. Conservatives think Donald Trump is a big factor, but there's also broad agreement the party has a messaging problem, too.

Nicolais: The decline and fall of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Dudley Brown

For more than two decades the former Rocky Mountain Gun Owners executive director made Republican cancel culture his business

Nicolais: Colorado conservatives take steps toward LGBTQ equality

While GOP state house members introduced six bills targeting the LGBTQ community, opposition from many conservatives demonstrated a slow growth in LGBTQ equality among their ranks

“We’ll see where it goes”: Impeachment has provided rocket fuel to the ascent of Colorado’s Joe Neguse

The 35-year-old congressman from Lafayette has risen quickly through the ranks of the Democratic Party in Colorado -- and the nation. What’s next?

Wist: I disagree with Tom Sullivan on policy, but the effort to recall him is wrong

The cure for recall fever? It's you.

Krieger: “Red Flag” is a law-and-order bill. So why is the GOP against it?

The “red flag” gun bill is expected to pass in Colorado. But there are important things to watch along the way.

House Bill 1177 isn’t expected to have much -- if any -- Republican support at the Colorado Capitol. Some Democrats may also vote against the measure.

Colorado’s “red flag” gun bill makes its debut. Here’s how it compares to other states.

Also known as an “extreme risk protection order” bill, the legislation is expected to draw significant opposition from Republicans. More than a dozen states have already passed similar laws.

“It revealed to me this is what I can do”: Tom Sullivan’s son was killed in the Aurora theater shooting — and now he’ll be a state representative

Tom Sullivan, one of the first relatives of a mass shooting victim to hold elected office, hopes to be a voice for others shattered by tragedy.

Colorado has one of nation’s strictest consumer data protection laws, as of Sept. 1. Are you ready?

From a single owner to Fortune 500 firm, companies must have data-protection plan that includes destroying consumer data when no longer needed