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Coronavirus prepared schools for a second crisis — the East Troublesome fire. But students now have double the trauma.

Schools in Granby and Fraser recognize that students will likely need much more support

Wildfires make work to reduce Colorado’s greenhouse gas emissions even more crucial, Gov. Polis says

In an address to state air-quality regulators, Polis reaffirmed ambitious climate-related goals. But some say the roadmap to reach them lacks urgency.

Opinion: For our children’s future, we must vote for our climate

Denver’s unique sales tax to fight climate change could be a blueprint for future action nationwide

Ballot measure 2A is part of Denver’s efforts to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in the city, but some are concerned about regressive nature of the tax

Where Donald Trump and Joe Biden split on Colorado issues in presidential race

The presidential contest shows clear differences on major policies that will impact Colorado

Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday

In Colorado, where climate change is front and center, John Hickenlooper is favored to unseat Cory Gardner

The GOP incumbent is linked to Trump, while the moderate, pro-fracking former governor is called “Frackenlooper” by progressives.

Is Colorado leading or lagging on climate policy? It depends on which states you’re comparing us to.

On the one hand, the state has adopted some of the most ambitious climate laws in the county; on the other, critics say Gov. Jared Polis’ administration has failed to use the laws to their fullest.

Michael Bennet: Time is running out on climate change. Trump must go.

A Boulder County zip code produced the nation’s most greenhouse gas per person, study says

The zip code that produced the most greenhouse gas per person was in the mountains of western Boulder County, where the 23,811 pounds per person is 18 times higher than in the San Francisco zip code

A world-renowned climate research site near Crested Butte is now protected by a conservation easement

Colorado Open Lands’ easement on 270 acres to protect the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab prevents development and serves as a model for management of conserved land

Opinion: Here’s why our Colorado communities are demanding climate justice

Opinion: For Colorado local governments, suing over climate change is not the answer

Opinion: The coronavirus underscores the urgency of addressing social justice

Opinion: Stronger methane rules will benefit the West Slope and Front Range alike

Opinion: Don’t exacerbate climate change; protect the Arctic Refuge

Opinion: Brazil is burning, and the U.S. is either complicit or willfully naïve

Opinion: Want to solve the climate crisis? Stop widening roads

Carman: Emi Cooper, Greta Thunberg – our best hope for the future … if there is one

Opinion: Denver should declare a binding climate emergency

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