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Oil and gas and cryptocurrency miners are Colorado’s new odd couple. And they’re making quite a bit of coin.

JACKSON COUNTY — Tan pump jacks, 140-year-old oil field technology, bob up and down amid the purple sage in this rural corner of Colorado, lifting oil from deep below and also fueling a very 21st century frenzy: cryptocurrency mining. The pump jack wells are tied to natural gas generators powering trailers filled with bitcoin mining […]

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All the cool Colorado universities and colleges have one: a mountain campus

This fall, about 1,500 first-year University of Denver students will take turns descending winding mountain roads toward a cluster of rustic cabins, an open field containing a ropes course and barely any cellphone service. It’s something of a “digital desert,” said Jeremy Haefner, chancellor of the University of Denver,  but it offers an amenity hard […]

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Experts at Colorado conference warn of “small window” to act amid deepening climate crisis

Some of the nation’s leading climate scientists Monday sounded an alarm about the urgency of addressing climate change over the next decade, as a key index used to measure humans’ impact on the warming planet ticked higher. “Unfortunately,” said Ko Barrett, a senior climate advisor to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a vice […]

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Boulder climate activist’s self-immolation stirs questions on faith, protest

By Deepa Bharath and Colleen Slevin, The Associated Press After 50-year-old Wynn Bruce, a climate activist and Buddhist, set himself on fire in front of the U.S. Supreme Court last week, prompting a national conversation about his motivation and whether he may have been inspired by Buddhist monks who self-immolated in the past to protest […]

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Fire and rain: West to get more one-two extreme climate hits

By Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press The one-two punch of nasty wildfires followed by heavy downpours, triggering flooding and mudslides, will strike the U.S. West far more often in a warming-hopped world, becoming a frequent occurrence, a new study said. That fire-flood combination, with extreme drenchings hitting a spot that burned within a year, could increase as much as […]

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Climate change may push Colorado, the U.S. toward the “Goldilocks Zone” for West Nile Virus

By Melissa Bailey, Kaiser Health News Michael Keasling of Lakewood was an electrician who loved big trucks, fast cars, and Harley-Davidsons. He’d struggled with diabetes since he was a teenager, needing a kidney transplant from his sister to stay alive. He was already quite sick in August when he contracted West Nile virus after being […]

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State lawmakers back off plan to ban sales of gas-powered lawn equipment in large swath of Colorado

Colorado lawmakers pushing a sweeping bill to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have backed off a controversial plan to ban the sale and advertising of gas-powered lawn equipment along the northern Front Range, including the Denver metro area.  Senate Bill 138 on Tuesday evening was stripped of a provision that would have prohibited the […]