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Yes, there is a Santa Claus. And no, COVID-19 won’t stop him

The Colorado-based North American Aerospace Defense Command provides real-time updates on Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve, from 4 a.m. to midnight MST


What’d I Miss?: Finding what’s beautiful in the world


Drew Litton: Rudolph’s nose was a COVID red alert


Carman: This year, let’s shutter the Christmas dream factory, quit worrying about snow and just have fun

How my family quit the gift-giving orgy cold turkey and discovered that the real gift was spending time with each other

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Chances of a white Christmas have melted a bit since the 1980s

Denver’s airport went from a 40% chance of Christmas snow in 1981-2010 to a 34% chance in 1991-2020.


Opinion: Colorado families need Congress to renew the child tax credit

Too many households are still skating perilously close to poverty

Opinion Columns

Jim Morrissey: When Colorado’s Christmas spirit goes awry


Jim Morrissey: Hey, Santa. No mask, no cookies!


Santa Claus is also working from a ho-ho-home office during coronavirus, thanks to a Colorado entrepreneur

Susen Mesco has spent 38 years booking Santas and teaching them the trade. The pandemic pushed that to a whole new level.


Opinion: Amid December’s sacred times, we must stand steadfast against COVID-19

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Sorry, Grinch. Coronavirus won’t stop Colorado-based NORAD from tracking Santa.

Normally, 150-160 volunteers crowd into a conference room at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, taking two-hour shifts to answer the phones as eager children call to see if Santa and his sleigh have reached their rooftops


“Immigrants, Ornaments and Legacies” recounts the 1950s rise of Christmas bulbs

Post-war America and its new-found disposable income fueled a rapidly developing market for holiday decorations, with some of the early standards brought to the U.S. by immigrants

Book Excerpts

For Colorado author Jody Pritzl, curiosity and years of persistence collided with Christmas nostalgia

"Immigrants, Ornaments and Legacies" became a 10-year labor of love that explores the origins of the Christmas ornaments that helped define her Wisconsin childhood

SunLit Interviews

The Colorado-grown Capitol Christmas Tree is a symbol of unity in a year of turmoil

Coloradans hope the Capitol Christmas tree will serve as antidote to pandemic, divisive election


The greatest classic Christmas movies ever, according to film critic Howie Movshovitz

And here's why "The Shop Around the Corner" is as close to perfect as movies get


Jim Morrissey: Who really ran over Grandma?


How a Colorado family launched a Christmas toy hack-a-thon for children with disabilities that has gone global

Santa’s Little Hackers started small, but now hundreds of volunteers gather for a 21st-century workshop that adapts toys -- and changes lives


Colorado-based Santa tracker will still run despite government shutdown; Rocky Mountain National Park impacted

Rocky Mountain National Park's gates were open, but staffing was cut back and roads were not being cleared of new snow

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Nicolais: Don’t be upset if I wish you a Merry Christmas

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