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Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen

Is calling Denver a “toilet bowl” a winning message for Colorado Republicans in 2022?

Denver and its surrounding counties, including Boulder, are Colorado’s population center. As such, they are home to most of the state’s House and Senate districts.

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Property tax arms race involving Colorado power players grips Capitol as fragile deal starts to deteriorate

Billions of dollars in funding for schools and local governments are hanging in the balance. Those involved in the negotiations have likened the situation to a high-stakes game of chicken.

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Colorado governor, lawmakers unveil plan to slash property taxes by $700M to head off business group’s ballot measure

The relief would last two years. Gov. Jared Polis said his plan is to use that time to find a longer-term solution to Coloradans’ rising property tax bills

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Democrats avoid Jared Polis in quest to ensure Coloradans get the full picture on income tax changes

Senate Bill 222 would refer a measure to the November ballot that would require that voters get more up-front information on how income tax initiatives would affect them

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Republicans say Colorado is hurtling toward a possible budget deficit as a dozen new state offices are created

Democrats dismiss the claims as election-year posturing, pointing to money set aside in reserves.

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Colorado’s controversial public guardianship program scrutinized in legislative budget battle

Lawmakers who want to stop the program’s expansion are concerned about deaths of 14 wards in two years and a lack of oversight.

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State lawmakers back off plan to ban sales of gas-powered lawn equipment in large swath of Colorado

Senate Bill 138 was stripped of a provision that would have prohibited the sale or advertising of devices with “small off-road engines” in so-called non-attainment air pollution areas


Gas-powered lawn equipment sales would be banned in parts of Colorado under Democrats’ latest climate bill

Senate Bill 138 would also do everything from set new greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals to force insurance companies operating in Colorado to conduct a climate assessment

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Steve Fenberg selected as next president of the Colorado Senate

Sen. Dominick Moreno, a Commerce City Democrat who sits on the legislature’s powerful Joint Budget Committee, was selected as the chamber’s new majority leader

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“Harassment, vitriol and violent threats”: Colorado’s top elections official is asking for security

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has requested about $200,000 annually from the legislature for guards and threat monitoring

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Colorado lawmakers shelve proposal to more than triple property taxes for short-term rentals

The Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy Policy rejected the effort, but it could still be introduced during next year's legislative session

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Colorado doesn’t have a statewide building code. Would enacting one help protect homes against wildfire?

A handful of state lawmakers are interested in pursuing a statewide building code, in large part as a way to secure more federal grant money


Property taxes would more than triple for Colorado short-term rental owners under statehouse proposal

State Sen. Chris Hansen, a Denver Democrat, said the change is aimed at ensuring schools and fire departments have enough local funding


Amendment 78: Colorado voters will decide if lawmakers should have more oversight of state spending

Supporters say the measure will increase transparency while opponents call it a partisan ploy to disrupt government

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Colorado Republicans aren’t winning many elections these days, so they’re turning to ballot questions instead

Colorado conservatives have seen some success in recent years by bringing and opposing ballot measures, mostly around cutting taxes

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Colorado lawmakers launch last-minute effort to drive down property taxes and combat skyrocketing assessments

The measure would also allow people to put off any residential property tax payments over 4% starting in the 2023 tax year and until they sell their property


How much damage does climate change cause in Colorado? Leaders are trying to put a price tag on it.

There are growing efforts -- in Washington and at the Colorado statehouse -- are trying to determine the social cost of carbon so they can put a price on greenhouse gases for the economic damage they wreak


Colorado’s governor wants a big, fast coronavirus stimulus package. State lawmakers worry about the details.

The situation echoes of the yearslong tug of war between the governor and Democratic budget writers that began soon after Jared Polis assumed office

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Colorado wants to put electric vehicle charging stations in every state park. Now it must find funding.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials support environmental groups who want a vast expansion of electrical hookups at the very spots most threatened by climate change


Gov. Jared Polis wanted quick action on his $1.3 billion stimulus plan. Colorado lawmakers want more time.

Legislative budget writers decided that the governor’s measures needed more consideration and debate and didn’t fit the definition for mid-year spending adjustments

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