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Agricultural water contaminated with “forever chemicals” could taint produce, Colorado study finds

The Colorado School of Mines study didn't do real-world tests, but state health monitors say they will pay closer attention in sampling


Colorado health officials warn state could reach record coronavirus hospitalizations by Nov. 10

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says its modeling shows that approximately one out of every 219 Coloradans are currently infectious with COVID-19


Colorado wanted to make it easier for people with disabilities to vote. Then came coronavirus.

Advocates say family and friends of prospective voters living in the more than 900 elder care centers and other care institutions in Colorado must remain extra vigilant that COVID-19-related health restrictions do not bar their loved ones from casting a ballot.

Election 2020

Colorado releases its plan to slash greenhouse gases, leaving some environmental groups wanting more

The Colorado Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap, nine months in the making, quickly drew flak when it was released on Wednesday

Is Colorado leading or lagging on climate policy? It depends on which states you’re comparing us to.

On the one hand, the state has adopted some of the most ambitious climate laws in the county; on the other, critics say Gov. Jared Polis’ administration has failed to use the laws to their fullest.


Colorado medics may have misdiagnosed “excited delirium” hundreds of times when dosing people with ketamine

The doctor who helped define "excited delirium" says based on Colorado's population, medics should have encountered about 57 cases in the 2.5 year period in which they gave ketamine 902 times.


Six months after historic Suncor settlement, community around Commerce City refinery still feels “exploited”

The oil company began surveying the community on Wednesday, but continued issues at the refinery have neighbors feeling skeptical


Colorado regulators back 2,000-foot setback for new oil and gas drilling in “paradigm shift”

In a session Wednesday to review proposed rule changes on setbacks, four of the five Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s members voiced support for an extended setback


Six months after Colorado’s first coronavirus case, here’s how we compare to other states

Colorado health officials say they have learned a lot about fighting COVID-19 -- and have a lot more to learn


EPA announces Colorado-based office dedicated to cleaning up abandoned mines

The Office of Mountains, Deserts and Plains will take charge of remediating abandoned mine lands, including the Gold King Mine in southwest Colorado


Oil and gas does about-face as six-week overhaul of Colorado drilling regulations begins

Operators for years groused about the danger of a “patchwork” of regulations. Now they’re focused on letting local governments have control.


State health department announces review of ketamine waivers one year after Elijah McClain’s death

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says the review will begin immediately and last at least 12 weeks. When the review is complete, a report will be issued.


Colorado must cut half of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. It will lean on oil and gas to do it.

Coal plant shutdowns and cleaner vehicles are helping make progress, but oil and gas must scrub 7 million metric tons of emissions with no rules to guide it.


Coloradans dosed with ketamine during police confrontations — like Elijah McClain was — want investigation

25 doctors signed a position paper supporting the use of ketamine when people being arrested show "excited delirium." Two men say they were in handcuffs and complying with cops when the drug was administered in Arapahoe County and Lakewood.


New Colorado quarantine guidance would allow more students to stay in school

In cases where students or staff have mild symptoms that resolve within 24 hours and community transmission is low, the new guidance lays out ways to keep students in school


Colorado health officials probe sedative given before death of Elijah McClain

The inquiry is the latest in a series of new reviews of the case of Elijah McClain that has received renewed attention as part of protests over police brutality and racial injustice

Crime and Courts

Medics in Colorado dosed 902 people with ketamine for “excited delirium” in 2.5 years, including Elijah McClain

101 fire and rescue agencies in Colorado are allowed to administer ketamine. In 17% of the instances when they used the drug for "excited delirium" serious complications arose.


E. coli fouls 100 Colorado waterways. But managers aren’t sure how big the threat is to people playing in streams.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has registered more than 100 waterbody segments on its impaired waters list due to alarmingly high E. coli levels


Your poop may soon serve as an early warning system for Colorado coronavirus outbreaks

Why the attention to the sewage? A Utah city spotted a spike in coronavirus a week before it showed up in tests. That knowledge could allow communities to act to slow the spread of COVID-19.


Colorado releases coronavirus reopening guidance for schools that includes plans for in-person learning

The recommendations are the clearest indication yet that learning won’t be fully remote in Colorado come fall as it was in the final months of last school year

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