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Catholic Church

Catholic Church

Opinion: In Mike Pence, evangelicals had their “24-karat-gold” man in the White House

Colorado bishops warn Catholics about morality of COVID-19 vaccines, citing fetal cells

The open letter to Catholics affirms the use of some COVID-19 vaccines is "morally acceptable under certain circumstances."

Colorado’s review of Catholic Church sex abuse named priests, but not those who covered up their crimes

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office said time limited the investigation. The Catholic Church says it’s taken responsibility. But victims say the whole story hasn’t been told.

A list of Colorado priests named in the supplemental Catholic church abuse report, where they worked and when

Of the 25 priests named in the supplemental report, 9 were not identified in the original investigation into the church, which was completed in October 2019

Carman: Some devout Catholic girls grow up to be handmaids, others proud ex-cons

Colorado’s Catholic dioceses paid $6.68 million to 73 survivors of priest abuse

Some claims were paid to previously unknown victims. Eight claims were rejected by the Independent Reconciliation and Reparations Program and another eight are pending.

Opinion: Why lawmakers should reform law to help victims of childhood sexual abuse

Effort to give Colorado child sex assault survivors unlimited time to sue abusers is rejected

House Bill 1296, brought in the wake of a damning report on Colorado’s Catholic church, was set aside at the request of one of its prime sponsors in the hopes of bringing future legislation that will also benefit past survivors of abuse. The decision to sideline the measure drew disappointment.

Colorado voters will be asked in November to ban abortions at 22 weeks of pregnancy

Abortions would still be allowed after 22 weeks if a woman’s life is endangered

Colorado Catholics allowed to celebrate in-person Mass again

While the details vary church to church, congregants must wear masks and practice social distancing

Colorado’s priest abuse reparations program has paid more than $3 million to 28 victims so far

The program, which was announced in October, stems from a massive review of church files that revealed abuses of 166 children going back decades.

A Denver priest — his dad’s best friend — raped him. The state’s Catholic Church abuse report revealed the secret.

Neil Elms says he was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Lawrence St. Peter, a Colorado priest who rose to high ranks in the Denver Archdiocese. St. Peter wasn’t removed from clergy despite “numerous, reliable, consistent reports” he was abusing boys.

Colorado’s Catholic priest abuse reparations program received 78 claims, has already paid out over $1M

The deadline to file claims with the reparations program, created voluntarily by Colorado’s three dioceses, was Friday. There are still more than 60 claims to sort through.

Even if Colorado gives child sex assault victims unlimited time to sue, it may be too late for those already abused

Lawmakers are considering eliminating the civil statute of limitations for child sex assault, but Colorado’s constitution appears to prohibit laws from working retroactively. Victims’ advocates think there is a path to address past abuse.

Former Colorado priest up for possible parole in sex abuse case; was named in attorney general’s report

Timothy Evans was sentenced to 14 years to life in prison in 2007 for sexually assaulting a boy who worked at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Fort Collins

Independent boards reviewing Catholic Church sex abuse have broadly failed victims in Colorado, nationwide

An investigation into two decades of review boards, including in Denver, show a pattern of bias in favor of the church and little understanding of sexual assault and trauma.

Colorado’s former attorney general wanted grand jury investigation of priest abuse scandal — but didn’t get it

Cynthia Coffman explains why the Catholic Church investigation was handled the way it was -- and why she is now calling for legislative change

Victims want more from Colorado’s Catholic church investigation — like who covered up their sex abuse

There are fresh calls for lengthening the statute of limitations to file sex abuse lawsuits in Colorado following the release of a 263-page report into priests who abused children

A list of the Colorado priests named in the Catholic church sex abuse report, where they worked and when

The report accuses 43 priests, but most of the abuse was committed by five

At least 166 children have been sexually abused by Catholic priests in Colorado since 1950, new report finds

It took Colorado’s three dioceses an average of nearly 20 years to concretely restrict an abusive priest’s authority after receiving an abuse allegation against him, according to the investigation

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