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Colorado’s first-ever criminal charges following an avalanche could be slippery slope for backcountry travelers

The two snowboarders talk about snow conditions and route selection as they drop in, one at a time. Gusting wind is blowing snow across the ridge as they wind between reefy rocks. “Avalanche!” yells Tyler DeWitt as he cranks to a stop below his friend Evan Hannibal.  The two watch the slide — captured on […]

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“You would think it’s the opposite”: The average age of fatal avalanche victims is on the rise

Sara Boilen stands at the front of her avalanche class each winter in Whitefish, Montana, and surveys her students. She offers two options and asks them to raise their hands to identify the more dangerous backcountry ski partner: a 22-year-old male or a middle-aged woman. Without fail, students overwhelmingly choose the young male. They are […]

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Colorado is the most dangerous state for avalanches, with death toll far surpassing other states

By Sawyer D’Argonne, The Summit Daily FRISCO — Colorado again retained its macabre status as the country’s most dangerous state for avalanches, according data collected by the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Since at least 1950, the amount of avalanche deaths in Colorado have far surpassed that of any other state, and the most recent avalanche […]