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Colorado’s largest oil and gas producer wants permission to drill closer than 2,000 feet from homes

The buffer between homes and oil and gas drilling in Colorado is by rule 2,000 feet,  except when it isn’t, and a move to drill in the middle of a residential area in Firestone is raising questions about how secure that buffer will be. The state’s biggest operator, Occidental Petroleum, through its Colorado subsidiary Kerr-McGee, […]

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Zornio: Broomfield passed ranked choice voting, what does that mean for Colorado at large?

In good news, Colorado’s recent election led to a bipartisan victory to pass ranked choice voting in Broomfield. As the inaugural city and county to apply this voting method to all municipal races, this win likely holds implications for voters statewide.  But first, what is RCV? Ranked choice voting is a method that allows voters […]

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Colorado kids are floundering in math, a “crisis” that may add up to trouble for tomorrow’s workforce

Colorado students tumbled further behind in math as the pandemic closed schools and learning went largely virtual, according to a new analysis of this year’s state assessments results. A new report from the Keystone Policy Center, a nonprofit research group, found that math test scores plummeted for many students across the state, falling at an […]

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A Colorado-bound Afghan family was caught in the Kabul airport bombing. Some survivors still haven’t made it to America.

An escape from from Taliban rule and a path to Colorado were within sight for Ahmad Khalid Rahin and 17 members of his family when the blast from a suicide bomb attack at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, tore through their plans as quickly as shrapnel tore through their flesh.  Rahin, 44, and two of […]

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Colorado gave local governments more power to regulate oil and gas. And some are using it.

Empowered by a new state law and regulations, towns, cities and counties across the Front Range are flexing their muscle and moving to regulate oil and gas operations that come to town. Two years ago this month, sweeping legislation was signed into law reorienting Colorado’s approach to regulating oil and gas development. That in turn […]

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They’ve been called soccer moms, rage moms and Zoom moms. Why the Colorado suburban-women vote is so important.

Cathy Lees, a stay-at-home mom in Highlands Ranch, is picking candidates this year based on her values, and that includes how they treat people. She’s been put off for four years by President Donald Trump’s language and demeanor. “I have a 14-year-old daughter, and I would never want her to put up with someone speaking […]