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Invasive mussels haven’t been found in Colorado’s lakes and reservoirs. Wildlife officials are battling to keep it that way.

Zebra and quagga mussels do not yet exist in Colorado’s lakes and reservoirs, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife leaders are working hard to keep it that way. They’re stepping up enforcement efforts through a statewide decontamination program. Each year, the department runs the Aquatic Nuisance Species Program, where inspectors at 73 locations decontaminate boats before […]

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Coronavirus flushed Colorado rafting in 2020

Colorado’s river communities endured a $36 million decline in commercial rafter spending in 2020, all flushed downriver in the pandemic. Colorado’s rafting industry hosted 112,000 fewer commercial rafters last summer as pandemic restrictions and closures throttled one of the state’s most valuable tourism industries. That’s the steepest decline since the summer of 2002, when the […]

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How the Southwest’s drought has led to a record-breaking increase in invasive mussels on boats coming into Colorado

The intense drought in the Southwest is threatening Colorado water supplies beyond just the lack of rainfall. State wildlife officials report a record number of boats carrying invasive mussels coming into Colorado from out of state. And the arid summer and winter could be to blame. The main culprit is Lake Powell, whose low water levels […]