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Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy
Black Hills Energy

Colorado’s consumer advocate gets wider climate powers and a new name

Office of Consumer Counsel rebrands as Utility Consumer Advocate, with new legal rights to intervene on decarbonization and environmental justice efforts.


Some Colorado utility consumers could pay more than $550 for February storm

Consumer advocates still pursuing questions of why gas supplies for Front Range shot up so much when the cold hit Texas hardest.


Colorado AG asks federal regulators to probe traders’ “windfall” gas profits from February cold snap

More Colorado utilities filed documents explaining how big the hit to consumers’ pocketbooks might be, including up to $552 for some Black Hills Energy customers


Xcel, Atmos Energy say they saved Colorado customers nearly $1 billion during February freeze

In PUC filings to justify recouping huge sums from gas and electric customers, Xcel and Atmos outline how they kept the lights and heat on and why their efforts come at a steep price.


Xcel Energy floats “Power Pathway” plan to bring wind, solar power to cities from rural Colorado

Xcel still needs the blessing of state regulators and the agreement of other Colorado utilities before the $1.7 billion project to build 560 miles of transmission lines proceeds.


Governor warns Colorado utilities again over storm-surge fees as Xcel tallies request at $264 per customer

Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado customers should not have to pay for a Valentine’s Day spike if no one told them to turn off the lights. Xcel, meanwhile, is defending its strategy.


Lawmakers pitch power authority to beef up electric grid, avoid Texas-level price spikes in Colorado

Gathering utilities under one power would avoid Texas-size problems and speed construction of valuable new lines across the West, backers say


Colorado governor pressures PUC to protect utility customers from storm price surges

“Colorado Ain’t Texas,” Jared Polis’ office says in letter warning about high prices Xcel and others paid during February storms


FBI aids in investigation of gas pipeline sabotage that turned heat off in Aspen

Black Hills Energy "hopeful“ to begin re-lights for residential customers by Monday evening, but a snowstorm in the forecast could slow the process.

Crime and Courts

Colorado utilities fear wildfire risk — and liability — amid warming climate

Mindful of PG&E’s struggles in California, Xcel Energy and electrical cooperatives are stepping up efforts to minimize the risk of causing wildfires.


The closure of Colorado coal-fired powerplants is freeing up water for thirsty cities

Large electricity generators use lots of water to cool their coal-fired plants. As those units shut down, expect to see battles heat up over how the massive amounts of water can be repurposed.


Colorado is overhauling climate goals with an eye on scrubbing carbon from its electricity

Revisions to six sets of rules and four bills in the statehouse, including one that enacts "social cost of carbon" standard, aim to reduce carbon emissions while protecting coal-plant workers from obsolescence