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The slow fade of Colorado’s mountain pine beetle is triggering a massive shift in the timber industry

Colorado’s forests have been waging a losing battle against tree-killing beetles for more than 15 years. Now, after marching across the state and killing millions of acres of pine forest, the burrowing, fungus-spreading mountain pine beetles are slowly losing steam.   While other beetles have thrived in Colorado’s drought-ravaged mountains, the mountain pine beetles have reigned […]

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Colorado’s strong 2019 snowpack decreased bark beetle impact on trees

GRAND JUNCTION — Abundant Colorado snowpack helped reduce 2019 bark beetle activity impacting trees, but the following wet spring contributed to tree defoliation, a new report said. The findings were part of an annual U.S. Forest Service and Colorado State Forest Service aerial survey evaluating forest health impacts from insects and disease, The Daily Sentinel reports. […]

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In a shifting climate for research, Colorado State hosts a museum teeming with bugs — and that’s a good thing

FORT COLLINS — Amid a campus in metamorphosis, tucked in the basement space of a building that stands in the shadow of Colorado State University’s sparkling football stadium, Boris Kondratieff nurtures a collection of common and exceptional creatures — some that have been in residence since before statehood. The C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity, […]