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Opinion: If you love Colorado’s wildlife, do not feed it

Setting boundaries is one of the hallmarks of successful human relationships, and recent human-animal interactions gone wrong indicate that our interactions with Colorado’s wildlife can benefit from boundaries, as well. “Boundaries are not separation,”  researcher and author Brené Brown said. “They are respect.” It was not respectful for folks in (Colorado’s) Yuma last month to […]

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Colorado’s I-25 project on “The Gap” combined data, thousands of photos and engineering to minimize roadkill

It’s a picturesque and remarkable feat of preservation. Meandering plains, mountains and meadows reflect a decades-long effort to link massive, contiguous public and private parcels along a miles-wide corridor that runs roughly from Monument Hill north to Lone Tree. It features land wrapped in expansive conservation easements, protected habitat and, to the west, Pike National […]

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Eager to experience Colorado in a different way, a Boulder woman set life aside to forge a new trail across the state

There was a terrifying, wind-whipped storm on Colorado’s Eastern Plains. There was a run-in with a bear near Minturn. There have been blisters, and many reroutes. But none of it has stopped India Wood from pressing on toward her goal of traversing Colorado from corner to corner, a more than 750-mile journey that has tested […]