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Opinion: COVID lockdowns were hard on cultural centers, but business partnerships have helped

Facing closures and severely limited in-person visitor options, museums and other cultural institutions have experienced significant challenges over the past year. According to a recent study by the Americans for the Arts as of July 2021, the nation’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations lost an estimated $17.97 billion. Closer to home, the Colorado Business for […]

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Movshovitz: “The Day the Earth Stood Still” still speaks to us, if we’re willing to listen

“Gort, KLAATU BARRATA NICTO” A loose translation of this famous line spoken near the end of the brilliant 1951 movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (forget the splashy, nowhere 2008 version with Keanu Reeves) would go something like “Gort, Klaatu says don’t incinerate the Earth — yet.”  To go backwards in the story, Gort […]

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Grizzly Rose temporarily closes after video shows recently packed dance floor

A country bar and dancehall near Denver has temporarily and voluntarily closed its doors after a video widely shared on social media showed a recently packed dance floor, calling the venue’s safety guidelines into question. Tri-County Health Department Environmental Health Director Brian Hlavacek said The Grizzly Rose in Adams County was questioned for allegedly violating […]

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Original Thinkers plans “an ingenious heist of people’s brains”

Not long ago, a friend observed David Holbrooke, founder of Telluride’s Original Thinkers Festival, at his post — leading  troops and extinguishing assorted fires. Impressed by Holbrooke’s multitasking, the friend praised him as the “ringmaster” of his festival’s circus.  Holbrooke replied that he prefers a similar, yet not-identical title: “Yeah, OK,” he said. “But think […]

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Silverman: Hamilton offers us the inspiration we need during the coronavirus

We’ve “seen the lights go out on Broadway” until at least 2021. Live theater is gone. Talk about your tragedies. I love a good play, especially a musical. Hamilton was scheduled to return to Denver’s Buell Theatre this summer. It would have sold out again.  Alexander Hamilton epitomized the American dream. Our first Treasury Secretary, a […]