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“It’s scary”: The housing shortage has reached a crisis point in southwest Colorado

Some residents have resorted to living in cars, and local officials fear middle-income earners will be priced out of the housing market.


Colorado has money to help struggling renters, but some landlords won’t play ball

“Some landlords are not willing to do this, and if they’re not willing to do it, we can’t help them, that client, which is heartbreaking,” said Kristen Baluyot, with The Salvation Army.


“COVID is still affecting everything”: Fears still mounting over a forthcoming Colorado eviction surge

Colorado eviction courts are seeing a buildup in cases now that moratoriums have expired


CDC directs halt to most evictions through 2020 to prevent more coronavirus spread

Colorado officials said they were reviewing the order. Gov. Jared Polis' office said it was trying to determine "if it will really help Coloradans or is just empty words."


Denver, facing unprecedented homelessness, moves ahead on family-size affordable housing with 3 new projects

The city now has 13 affordable housing projects in the pipeline as a recession begins and unemployment skyrockets