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Colorado agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But first they exempted the biggest polluters.

When Colorado air pollution regulators started writing rules to cut 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions by heavy industry, the first thing they had to do was exempt the four largest polluters.  The original law says that cement plants and steel plants, which in Colorado are currently emitting up to a million tons a year […]

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Opinion: Electric vehicles can help clean Colorado’s air — by preventing wildfires

As a pulmonologist, I’m disheartened during hot, polluted summer days when my patients tell me the air is making it harder for them to breathe — and even worse, when it sends someone to the hospital.   Much of the time, the dangerous pollution levels result from a combination of wildfire smoke that can travel hundreds […]

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Littwin: Jared Polis may be big on emission-reduction goals, but just don’t let regulators try to enforce them

If there’s anything we’ve learned during Jared Polis’ tenure as governor, it’s that whenever progressive Democrats in the legislature square off with Polis — which happens more often than you’d think — you should put your money on the governor.  The latest example is a climate-action bill — SB21-200 — that would have enforced emission-reduction […]

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Opinion: Through his veto threat, Polis is failing to deliver on campaign promises on renewables and climate change

Gov. Jared Polis last week told the Colorado Springs Gazette that he would veto Senate Bill 200 — a major bill to fight climate change and help Colorado’s Indigenous, Black, and communities of color fight environmental racism — if it passes in the Colorado legislature. The bill, which is still early in the legislative process, […]