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Colorado AFL-CIO will withhold donations to Democratic campaign committees through May 2022, saying unions have been “excluded”

The Colorado branch of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of unions, will not donate to Democratic legislative campaign committees until at least May 2022 in protest of what the organization sees as the party’s exclusion of labor interests from state policy discussions.  “We have … been excluded from caucus discussions about policy creation in […]

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Opinion: Colorado workers need Cory Gardner to do his job and help us feed our families

Sen. Cory Gardner went on conservative talk radio last week and expressed his desire to drastically lower the COVID unemployment benefits 330,000 hard-working Coloradans need to pay rent and keep food on the table. This comes after the senator tweeted back in June: “It’s unfathomable that the Senate is going on recess without considering any […]

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More Colorado workers will get breaks, must make $42,500 salary to be exempt from overtime under draft policy

More low-wage workers will be covered by the Colorado laws governing overtime pay and breaks under a draft policy change released Monday afternoon, which also would dramatically raise the salary threshold at which employers no longer have to pay their employees overtime. The draft represents a major win for Colorado labor groups, who have long […]