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affordable housing

affordable housing
affordable housing

Opinion: We’re council members in Denver and Aurora. Our cities should be allowed to promote affordable housing through local land-use standards.

New state legislation would return land-use authority over affordability in new development back to local governments, where it belongs.

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RTD wants more housing near stations. It may sacrifice parking spots to make that happen.

RTD is expected to vote Tuesday on a new transit-oriented development policy that would make 35% of housing units built on its properties affordable.


In rural Colorado, one town is looking to its community college to help survive the end of coal

Leaders of Craig see a tight window of opportunity to build a new economic base, provide residents replacement jobs, and ensure the city’s survival.


Coloradans already struggling to afford housing say coronavirus has made their situation worse

Renters were already spending more of their income on housing than is recommended. Now they are cutting back on food and health care to stay in their homes, a new survey says.


Colorado’s settlement with mobile home park operator could provide path for other tenants seeking justice

Responding to consumer complaints, Attorney General Phil Weiser pursued action against Kingsley Management as a deterrent -- and an invitation for other tenants to report abuses


What’s Working: “Lost wages” gets a new deadline, overpayment forgiveness, small business updates and more

Do the 70,000 to 80,000 folks eligible for “Lost Wages” not want their $300-$1,800? Plus, the latest on small business loans, housing help and the new unemployment portal.


A mission-minded loan source that doesn’t care if you’re a startup with no experience, revenues or credit

CDFIs, like Colorado Enterprise Fund, provide underserved communities with capital when banks say no. The niche is attracting investors seeking impact, including Google and Netflix


Opinion: Trump is wrong. Fair housing is social justice, economic justice and welcome in the suburbs

Opinion Columns

For Colorado’s rural seniors, coronavirus strains access to home-based care — just as it’s needed most

The pandemic has strained already short-staffed caregiving services, leaving seniors in southwest Colorado without much of the support they need to survive.


Record demand for Colorado resort homes is further pinching affordable housing for locals

As more urbanites flee to Colorado’s high country, home prices rise, inventories fall and rents soar. And that spells trouble for locals looking for homes near their ski-town jobs.


Denver, facing unprecedented homelessness, moves ahead on family-size affordable housing with 3 new projects

The city now has 13 affordable housing projects in the pipeline as a recession begins and unemployment skyrockets


“We have nowhere to go”: Hundreds of thousands of Coloradans at risk of eviction

For one Aurora family, eviction could come as soon as this week. The case against them was filed before Gov. Jared Polis’ executive order pausing evictions went into effect.


Anxieties familiar and new persist for Coloradans living with disabilities during coronavirus

The economic shutdown related to COVID-19 has complicated the lives of Colorado people with disabilities, who find their routines upset, their jobs at risk and their quest for affordable, accessible housing more difficult.


Colorado’s coronavirus budget crunch is putting Democratic accomplishments at risk

The Joint Budget Committee will begin meeting next week to consider recommended spending cuts, but they still may not be enough to balance the budget

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For people without homes but wary of shelters, Longmont’s “safe lots” could be a haven

Coronavirus amplified concerns about the conditions inside homeless shelters. For some living in their cars, a safe place to park could be a vital stop-gap.


Thousands of seasonal workers told to leave their housing as Vail Resorts ends ski season early

Vail Resort employs 55,000 workers and houses many of them near its resorts in Colorado, Utah, California, British Columbia, New England and across the Midwest


Colorado’s housing crisis has gotten so bad that small towns are now building people homes

Rural school districts are leading the charge with projects designed to keep teachers in their communities. Resort towns, meanwhile, are struggling to increase their housing stock without ruining their character.


Summit County’s plan to end a conservation easement to build senior housing is riling locals and land trusts

The development-prohibiting easements theoretically last forever. Critics of the housing plan worry an exception will undermine the rule.


A Colorado lawmaker brought a short-term rental bill he never intended to pass. It created an uproar.

Dozens of lobbyists and lobbying firms are working on the bill, the short-term rental industry is urging people to flood the Colorado Capitol, and affordable housing advocates and local governments are celebrating

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Colorado renters may have eviction records even though they’ve never been evicted. Lawmakers want to change that.

The push in Colorado comes after a handful of laws passed last session focused on addressing affordable housing, homelessness and renter’s rights.

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