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Colorado’s “doubled-up” households have surged since the recession. That could prolong the housing crunch.

Tim Merrick arrived in Fort Collins with the intention of starting over, of regenerating the work life that had gone bust in Arizona while also living close to his daughter as she attended college nearby.  Then he faced the Colorado conundrum: Where could he find affordable housing? Living off his Social Security while he searched […]

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Parked: Colorado towns are taking action to preserve their remaining mobile-home parks

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Jeff Morehead’s cat slips through the small, square door carved into his wooden fence, a gateway from Morehead’s mobile home lot to a serene landscape of blooming flowers and shade trees.  On the other side of the wall is the Yampa River Botanic Park, a public garden that hugs the edge of […]

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Parked: Ouray woman watches a mobile-home investment evaporate with her mother’s death

For many Coloradans, the purchase of a single- or double-wide trailer represents their variation on the American dream of home ownership and a slice of financial equity, even in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. But in Ouray, Lillian McMurrin’s experience stands as a cautionary tale of how the relationship between mobile-home park resident […]

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Parked: Aurora considers how to preserve mobile-home parks after park’s closure

More than a year ago, Aurora was blazing trails in how to handle the battle between mobile home park owners and helpless renters. Now, Aurora lawmakers, like so many across the state, are struggling again with whether and how to preserve the dwindling stock of affordable housing. When Aurora City Council members approved a 10-month […]

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Parked: One of the wealthiest counties in Colorado owns four mobile-home parks, an effort to hold on to affordable housing

While the existence of five mobile-home parks in Colorado’s wealthiest county might come as a surprise to some, they are actually an integral part of Pitkin County’s affordable housing system. In fact, the city of Aspen first took steps in the early 1980s to preserve a mobile-home park in the middle of town that still […]

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Parked: Fort Collins considers reforms to preserve 30 mobile home parks and improve conditions

Fort Collins leaders are taking advantage of a reshuffled city council lineup to dust off proposed mobile home park reforms that have long failed to gain traction. The policies taking shape could help preserve over 30 mobile home parks in the city and surrounding areas and improve conditions for thousands of residents — some of […]