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Auto companies want to make EVs easily accessible for Colorado consumers. Will a subscription plan work?

You’re a modern human. So you’re well aware that the modern world is trying to subscription-ize everything.  You’ve considered, accepted or rejected subscriptions to monthly mystery boxes of new clothing, refills on laundry detergent, earthy boxes of organic vegetables or pandemic-escapism children’s toys.  How about subscribing to an electric vehicle?  Autonomy and other startups are […]

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AAA Colorado will run rescue vans, tow trucks with alternative fuel from new hydrogen station

The vehicle rescue and travel club AAA Colorado will partner with New Day Hydrogen to build a hydrogen vehicle fueling station and put AAA service vans and tow trucks on the road that run on the alternative fuel, trying to jump-start clean, renewable energy uses in the state.  “A hundred years ago, we thought it […]

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Colorado isn’t experiencing a gas shortage, but there aren’t enough truckers to supply stations

No, there isn’t and won’t be a gas shortage in Colorado. The Colonial Pipeline, the country’s largest pipeline system for refined oil products, suffered a ransomware attack that left many in the Eastern U.S. dry at the pump last week. But Colorado has been spared from the lack of fuel plaguing those stations. “If you […]