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Dig it or chew it? Gravel mine expansion near Salida mountain bike trail latest clash of industry, recreation

Hard Rock Paving wants to expand its Salida gravel mine by 63 acres and will realign the Solstice bike trail. Nearby residents oppose any mine expansion while mountain bikers prefer a bigger buffer between pit and trail.


Horses escape from Eagle County Fairgrounds, lead motorists in chase on I-70

Drivers who cursed the closure of I-70 in Glenwood Canyon earlier in the day were grateful for the lack of traffic as they herded runaway horses in the dark.


Interior secretary, speaking in Denver, stands by Tracy Stone-Manning’s nomination to lead Bureau of Land Management

Deb Haaland is in Colorado in large part to visit the BLM’s headquarters in Grand Junction as she decides whether to keep it there

Politics and Government

Drought-caused Colorado River fishing restrictions lifted, but it may be a temporary reprieve

Wildfire smoke has help deflect solar radiation and kept the river relatively cool. But aquatic biologists warn hot weather, low water levels and sediment in the river could combine to starve trout of oxygen and future bans.


Plague found in fleas collected after death of 10-year-old girl in southwest Colorado

The plague-positive fleas were collected from a prairie dog colony that went "silent" shortly after a 10-year-old girl died of the plague in the area.


An abandoned coal mine near Aspen has become a mountain biking park for the masses

Well-heeled owners offer clean up of the Coal Basin mine and perpetual access to a new trail network there. The unusual public-private collaboration could serve as a model for restoring environmental danger zones.


Boulder police officer dies after 200-foot fall in Rocky Mountain National Park

Ashley Haarmann took a tumbling fall west of Martha's Couloir. A helicopter being used to fight a wildfire near Steamboat Springs aided in the search for her body.


Can’t find trailhead parking? Jefferson County may have a ride-hailing solution.

The county is launching a new pilot partnership with the ride-hailing service Lyft that is aiming to give open space users some relief in the form of discounted rides to four packed trailheads


Wolf reintroduction happened so fast in Montana and Idaho, the states are expanding hunting. Here’s what Colorado can learn.

In Montana and Idaho, state officials are pushing to decrease the wolf population through expanded hunting seasons, night hunting and snare traps.


Bird count examines what happens when high-country Colorado irrigators use less water

As the state mulls paying irrigators to leave water in the Colorado River instead of flooding fields, Audubon Rockies is using bird counts in the northwest part of the state to gauge the implications of intentionally drying the landscape.


Colorado’s first gray wolf pack since 1940s now has 6 pups

Gray wolves were hunted, trapped and poisoned into extermination in Colorado in the 1940s.


What exactly is the Front Range Trail? You may already be riding on it.

Every year, Colorado’s indefatigable trail builders chip away at complex new sections of a connector they imagine stretching from Wyoming to New Mexico. Next up: Castle Rock and the Cache la Poudre.


You’ve seen the murals. Now meet the pro snowboarder behind them.

Pat Milbery channels lessons from carving snow into bright murals across Colorado. “He almost embodies his design,” said the Avon official who hired him.


The Yampa River is overdrawn and running out of water. And it’s hardly the only one.

Earlier this year, officials called the river “over-appropriated.” Last week, Gov. Jared Polis declared 21 counties are in a drought emergency.


Amid drought, Colorado rafters flock to oases while they still can

For years, those who rely on rivers and streams for their livelihoods have struggled with the hotter, drier weather brought on by climate change


Remains found in Rocky Mountains identified as Colorado man missing since February

Josh Hall, 27, of Arvada, set out with his dog Feb. 3 in the mountains west of Boulder. His family reported him missing when he didn't return that day.


Climbing is making its Olympic debut. Here’s what you need to know about the sport and its Colorado athletes.

The disciplines of climbing, what players to watch, how scoring works and more


Wildlife officials ask anglers not to fish the Dolores River for the first time ever as rain fails to dent Western Slope drought

Fish and wildlife leaders say they have their eye on potential closures of the Animas and San Juan rivers as well.


Some of the priciest Denver real estate is going to the frogs in major Cherry Creek upgrade

Turning a mini-Grand Canyon on Cherry Creek Drive South into a pleasure cruise for wildlife, humans and their dogs is a multimillion-dollar prospect for just 1 mile, but reviews are ecstatic.


A northwest Colorado town is betting on the Yampa River to help it transition away from a coal economy

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