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From Tinkertoys to avocado greens: Denver Art Museum show presents play as a serious form of inspiration

You can almost hear vintage America breathing a sigh of relief — the midcentury modern design exhibition at the Denver Museum of Art celebrates a time of post-War optimism, rejuvenation and experimentation. Architects and designers led the country in a giant exhale, welcoming a bright (if sometimes avocado-green) future in everything from decor to advertising, […]

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An intimate improv rendezvous with an actor? A new Denver interactive performance draws you out — if you let it

Depending how far into it you let yourself fall, the Denver Center’s Off-Center production “Between Us” can be quite disorienting. If you are curious, I suggest falling all the way. Buy a ticket, await a text from your “guide” or your “date” or your “bartender” telling you when and where in downtown Denver to meet. […]

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Talk QWERTY to me: A vintage typewriter shop in Glenwood Springs gets analog hearts racing

Tucked away in a Glenwood Springs alley, in a little shop of anachronistic wonders, the quick brown fox still jumps over the lazy dog. Yes, that essential bygone-era typing exercise — the sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet — lives on inside Raymond’s Office Machines & Supplies. When the wooden door at Raymond’s […]

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“It’s succeeded beyond our expectations”: Adam Lerner, MCA Denver’s chief animator, is leaving at a high point

When he leaves his post as head of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver in June after an acclaimed 10-year run, Adam Lerner will not be involved in the search for his successor, will not accept any sort of emeritus role if offered, and hopes to be merely a donating patron. Won’t he at least […]

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A monumental question: Can Denver’s Beat Generation fans create a tribute to a movement and its inspiration?

Mark Bliesener wants to build a monument. The 69-year-old fixture in the local music scene wants it to recognize and celebrate two men who launched a literary and cultural movement that influenced untold young minds — including his own — and still reverberates. And he wants it to remind Denver visitors that of all the […]

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The very old (and very new) works drawing more young viewers to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts

With persistent talk in theater circles about the need to attract younger, more diverse audiences, it is perhaps ironic that the first big play of Chris Coleman’s tenure as Denver Center Theatre Company artistic director is an adaptation of an 800-page 19th century Russian novel. How many millennials were turned off by the mere title: […]