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Zornio: Republicans own the bulk of pandemic blame, but Jared Polis’ missteps are aggravating his base

As COVID-19 rages on, Gov. Jared Polis has finally been forced to call for federal assistance. It’s an unfortunate wake-up call after months of failing to enact robust preventative measures. Now, although Polis’ calls for help are necessary, they feel a bit like too little, too late — after all, what we needed was to […]

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Zornio: Broomfield passed ranked choice voting, what does that mean for Colorado at large?

In good news, Colorado’s recent election led to a bipartisan victory to pass ranked choice voting in Broomfield. As the inaugural city and county to apply this voting method to all municipal races, this win likely holds implications for voters statewide.  But first, what is RCV? Ranked choice voting is a method that allows voters […]

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Zornio: The geographical privilege of denying COVID-19 vaccines

For years Marc Bernier was a prominent conservative radio host. Based in Daytona, Florida, the self-appointed “Mr. Anti-Vax” regularly dedicated time on his show encouraging listeners to reject the COVID-19 vaccine. A few weeks after publicly declaring “I’m not taking it,” the station announced that their talk show personality had died of the very disease […]

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Zornio: Climate change is coming for your pumpkin spice, coffee, chocolate and wine

For decades scientists have tried to make people care about climate change. We present cogent arguments with perfectly graphed facts and figures. We hold lectures, write articles and point out extreme weather phenomena. Despite clear data, only six in 10 American adults think climate change might impact them personally, and one third still doesn’t acknowledge […]

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Zornio: Could regulating Facebook help bring Americans back together?

For years, many have argued the dangers of Facebook. Little happened. Then came whistleblower Frances Haugen. Haugen was incredibly clear in her testimony to Congress: “I’m here today because I believe Facebook’s products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy.” She then proceeded to outline how, based on her experience and the documents she […]

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Zornio: Gabby Petito’s tragic death should inspire changes to domestic violence policy

By now, most people have heard the story. A young woman and her fiance were on a cross-country van-life trip. Weeks later, only one of them returned.  Following a painstaking search to find Gabrielle (Gabby) Petito, the 22-year-old was confirmed dead by homicide on Tuesday. Her fiancé and “person of interest,” Brian Laundrie, has not […]

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Zornio: Sen. Michael Bennet reintroduces much needed bill to fight superbugs

With all the marvels of modern medicine, could humans still die from a paper cut? For years we’ve taken the ability to fight bacterial infections for granted. After Alexander Fleming discovered the source of penicillin — the world’s first bacteria killer — in 1928, the field of medicine was instantly changed. Diseases that previously filled […]