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Nancy Lofholm

Special to The Colorado Sun

Resisting the political extremist “bomb throwers” on Colorado’s Western Slope

Restore the Balance is a Mesa County group formed by people from across the political spectrum that is trying to address extremism in Colorado

Politics and Government

Colorado’s curious case of a crypto mine that no one is really sure exists

Bitcoin miners are in a frenzy to find new homes after China banned the activity — and they’re bringing their energy problems with them everywhere they go


Political swings on Colorado school boards spark level of antagonism not seen since desegregation

Colorado school boards are typically nonpartisan, but fierce conflict over pandemic restrictions, critical race theory and other hot-button national issues has changed that in some districts


A rural Colorado school goes back for seconds to honor a legendary lunch lady

Betty Lou Hawkins served scratch-made meals with a side of love to Plateau Valley K-12 school kids for 40 years. Everyone remembers the baked ham and cheese.


Colorado Mesa University trustees now led by rare all-woman executive committee

“Culture of firsts” is put into practice in many ways at the Western Slope university, including hiring a president who is a graduate of CMU, trustees say.


Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters announces reelection campaign amid new grand jury investigation

Peters, who has spread baseless claims about the 2020 presidential election being stolen, has been under scrutiny since she allegedly allowed an unauthorized person to attend a sensitive Dominion Voting Systems software update in May

Politics and Government

Don Coram makes it official. He’ll challenge Lauren Boebert in the GOP primary.

The centrist Republican from Montrose joins Marina Zimmerman, a crane operator from Durango, in challenging the far-right incumbent 3rd Congressional District representative

Politics and Government

Lauren Boebert vows to stay her course as she seeks another term in Congress

She’ll likely face a primary challenger in state Sen. Don Coram, who is known to reach across the aisle

Politics and Government

COVID closed Mesa County school kitchens. Students got them reopen.

Student chefs stepped up to fill a void left by COVID-19 outbreaks, other respiratory illnesses and staff shortages that had challenged the Grand Junction school district since classes began.


Prayer, conspiracies and fundraising: Supporters of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters hold another rally following FBI search

Tina Peters and Sherronna Bishop -- among others -- are under criminal investigation by federal, state and local authorities

Politics and Government

The alleged killer thought no one would miss him. But the “reading man” has been missed — and now memorialized.

Warren Barnes read most days in an alley near a downtown bookstore. Now his chair, filled with books, is a permanent fixture.


Mesa County needed to restore trust after an election system breach. Here comes Wayne Williams, in his boots.

Colorado’s former Secretary of State slept in a college dorm room, entertained poll workers with songs and sought to reassure voters about a fair election

Politics and Government

Colorado school board contests, stoked by COVID, draw intense partisan fervor and big money

Coronavirus measures, teaching on race motivate national groups, wealthy individuals and both Republican and Democratic parties to get involved in local races across the state


Tempers flare at Mesa County protest as judge prepares to decide Tina Peters’ role in upcoming election

At least one person was hurt when a counter-demonstrator showed up at a news conference outside of the Mesa County Courthouse

Politics and Government

U.S. Forest Service puts brakes on plan to truck logs through Nordic ski area on Grand Mesa

Timber hauling may start in spring 2023, after Grand Mesa Nordic Ski Council has a chance to plot trails out of the way of big trucks.


Changes to logging planned near Grand Mesa Nordic ski trails could cut conflict. But will the sawmill agree?

The Forest Service and Grand Mesa Nordic Council proposed two ways to keep skiers out of the way of 85,000-pound logging trucks


A recent timber sale is about to send 250 giant logging trucks through a pristine Grand Mesa Nordic skiing area

The Grand Mesa Nordic Council has dealt with logging near its Skyway trail system before. It’s the timing of this operation that has them worried.


Supporters converge in Mesa County to back up clerk Tina Peters, who is in hiding after voting system breach

GOP state Rep. Ron Hanks calls Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s investigation of Peters a “false-flag operation”

Politics and Government

Students who kept Colorado’s resort-town economies alive during COVID are now headed back to school

As seasonal workers return to classrooms, merchants cut hours and service in Telluride, Crested Butte and Breckenridge.


Western Slope vineyards bubble over with young wine drinkers raised on fizzy beverages

Sparkling wines open the door, but Colorado wineries appeal to younger tastes with unconventional grapes and labels that read natural non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% vegan

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