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Opinion: It’s time to ban wildlife killing contests in Colorado

The photographs are disarming: dozens of coyotes, their fur smeared with blood, strewn across the ground while grown men and sometimes children stand over them, proudly grinning from ear to ear. This is a familiar scene at wildlife killing contests, a little-known bloodsport rarely glimpsed by the general public. During these events, participants kill the […]

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Opinion: When it comes to Denver’s geese, their voices must be heard, too. Let’s talk.

On Jan. 29 there will be an important and informative gathering at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work organized by the authors who are members of the Governor’s Coalition for Animal Protection (GCAP). The purpose of this gathering is to discuss how geese are being treated in Denver. The event is called […]

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Opinion: The mass killing of Denver’s geese is cause for concern and outrage

Denverites love dogs and cats like family. There is also a growing interest in protecting wildlife across our beautiful state.  Increasingly, more and more people recognize that companion animals and wildlife are individuals and not merely undifferentiated and anonymous beings lacking emotional lives.  They form meaningful social relationships and feel a whole host of emotions including […]