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Opinion: Protect Colorado’s Medicaid, CHP+ enrollees amid federal pressure

Over the past two years, enrollment in the state’s Medicaid program, Health First Colorado and Colorado’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHP+) has fallen by over 100,000 participants – an 8% decline. Nationwide enrollment in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) fell by 2.3%, or 1.7 million, in the same period.  Medicaid provides health coverage […]

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Opinion: We pay taxes to help people with disabilities. Why not help them better access that money?

No person should have to live on the streets, go hungry, or end up in jail because they have a disability that prevents then from earning an income that supports their basic needs. Conditioning access to basic needs on earning an income is one way our society deprives people with disabilities of the opportunity to […]