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Colorado Supreme Court rejects animal cruelty ballot measure strongly opposed by farmers, ranchers

Initiative 16 heads back to the title board and its proponents for changes

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2 hours ago

Tenured professors at Colorado public colleges are predominately white

Hispanic students now make up about 20% of the state’s universities. But Hispanic professors? Less than 8% of all tenured professors across the state.

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3 hours ago

The most expensive home sale in the Aspen area just closed. Here’s how much was spent.

The property was purchased by Patrick Dovigi, a Canadian who was a former professional hockey player who is now founder, president and CEO of Green for Life Environmental

3 hours ago

PERA’s investments generated billions in 2020. But the Colorado pension’s financial condition worsened.

Banner stock market generated 17.4% returns on PERA’s investments. But it wasn’t enough to cover $3.1 billion in new costs the pension expects following a demographic study.

Politics and Government
4:16 AM MDT

Colorado refuses to ease rules for how much pollution gets discharged into rivers and streams

Members of the Water Quality Control Commission said they were shocked by the blowback to a proposed change that would have made it easier for industry, utilities to send more pollution downstream.

4:15 AM MDT

How emergency declarations in Colorado’s high country housing crisis smooth the path to more homes for locals

A "disaster" resolution over housing in Crested Butte enables the town to bypass codes, buy a hotel, remove limits on downtown camping and curtail short-term rentals. More communities are planning similar declarations as high country housing crisis reaches a crescendo.

4:10 AM MDT

The Delta coronavirus variant is exploding across Colorado. That’s bad news for unvaccinated people.

The state’s top epidemiologist says the variant, also known as B.1.617.2, is the most transmissible one Colorado has seen to date

3:01 AM MDT

Opinion: As megafires menace us, tech innovation can lead to smarter firefighting

This is a critical time to redefine our nation’s relationship with fire and build resilience in fire-prone areas. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that now is the time for change.

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2:55 AM MDT

Silverman: There’s a chicken sandwich war in Denver, and I may have found the winner

I generally prefer healthy, local and sustainable meals, but I made it my mission to taste the drive-thru alternatives popping up all over town

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2:50 AM MDT

More Colorado adults are getting vaccinated, but a partisan divide persists, poll shows

When it comes to Gov. Jared Polis’ handling of the pandemic, 60% said they approve, 32% said they disapprove and 8% said they have no opinion

2:01 AM MDT

Kayaker killed in treacherous stretch of river in western Colorado


Littwin: It was long past due for Juneteenth to become a national holiday, but why did it happen now?

The bill creating the holiday passed with near unanimity because of the momentum following George Floyd’s killing, but also because it gives cover to those seeking laws to suppress minority voting or to ban teaching anything controversial about race.

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Carman: An examination of rural Colorado’s coronavirus vaccine resistance

On a trip to the state's southwestern corner, the rural/urban divide stood out in sharp relief, and statistics told the rest of the story

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20 years of planning saved Rocky Mountain National Park from the worst of the East Troublesome fire. It will take 20 more to fix the damage.

“We’ve been fighting this fire for 20 years,” Rocky Mountain National Park's fire manager says. The work kept two of the largest Colorado wildfires on record from laying waste to the third busiest park in the national system.


Nicolais: Juneteenth should kick off a fortnight of freedom

Falling just over two weeks before the Fourth of July, Juneteenth is a reminder that freedom is something we must continually work toward

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Opinion: Rocky Mountain has it. Here’s why more national parks need a reservation system to get in.

The parks’ unrelenting popularity is making it impossible to preserve them “unimpaired.” Crowd control has become essential in the most popular parks.

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Colorado governor signs three new gun control bills inspired by the Boulder King Soopers shooting into law

The new laws make this year’s legislative session the most significant in terms of firearm regulations in Colorado in nearly a decade

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What’s Working: Colorado asks how much does that job pay? Some out-of-state employers don’t like it

A site tracking job listings that exclude Coloradans saw a 25% increase in one day. Plus: state unemployment rate shrinks to 6.2%, unemployment fraud continues, and PUA folks must prove employment.


SunLit interview: A nightmare and quantum physics set Catherine Wallace Hope on a novel course

The author wanted to get the plot of her science fiction/fantasy tale just right -- but in order to do that, she paid particular attention to the science


In an excerpt from “Once Again,” a mother suddenly finds herself reliving the loss of her daughter

Author Catherine Wallace Hope introduces a grieving woman, barely clinging to her sanity, who's jolted back in time by a phone call from the girl's school

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