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(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Sports fans have short memories. It was only a heartbeat ago that the University of Colorado Buffs were stumbling through a 1-11 season, its worst since the 1890 team went 0-4 and were outscored 217-4.

But hope soared when the university put its money where its suffering was, and lured Deion Sanders to Boulder with nearly $30 million over a five-year contract. Sanders’ sons Shedeur, 21, and Shilo, 23, joined him at CU, picking up “name, image and likeness” deals that dwarfed their dad’s salary. Hype doesn’t always win ballgames, as the Buffs recent losing streak reminds us. But it beats being ignored. And the nation’s eyeballs swivelled when Neon Deion lit up the campus. 

We knew things would be different

On his first day on the job, Coach Prime took a shortcut to his office. The lake wasn’t even frozen. 

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

After the Buffs’ opening victory at TCU, Boulder was transformed. 

Future updated U.S. News and World Report College Rankings, in the A.D. (after Deion) era:

 #5. Yale
#4. Stanford
#3. Columbia
#2. Harvard
#1: University of Colorado

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Everyone on campus found a way to welcome the new coach. 

Around the same time Coach got his parking ticket, a large rodent visited him in his office. Wouldn’t you, if you had the chance? 

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Soon, the whole state hopped on the Welcome Bandwagon. 

Just sayin’: Jared Polis went to the Statehouse from Boulder, too.

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Finally, we had our home-baked answer to Mount Rushmore. 

Coming soon to a Flatiron near you.

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

There have been a couple of hiccups.

Nobody saves every receipt.

(Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

How long will Buffmania last? 

No worries, Coach Sean Payton, of the 1-3 Broncos! Coach Prime says “I like it here in Boulder!”

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