Upward of 5 million passengers and 60 million tons of freight will pass through Denver International Airport this month. But with the recent Uber/Lyft job action, flight attendants quitting the airlines and other crucial workers still on permanent vacation, how will all these passengers and their packages make it through?

We have some ideas, involving a red-suited courier, his newly horse-powered sleigh, and the most important flight of the season.

1. Yo, Santa. Why employ miniature reindeer when you could have Blucifer and his stablemates?

 2. The infrastructure at DIA  is awesome. But you could improve it, Santa!

3. Customer service is key. 

4. Keep those fliers frequent, boys. 

5. Anybody need a ride home?

6. Happy Horseydays! See you at the Stock Show!

WATCH: The process behind the cartoons


Miniature reindeer? Forget it Santa. You need something a little more forceful, and Blucifer and his stablemates are ready to help. #reindeer #santa #blucifer #road2elsewhere #coloradosun

♬ Ride of the Valkyries – Richard Wagner & Simon Holland

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