I know I wasn’t alone in breathing a sigh of relief when 2020 ended. A new year brings a renewed sense of optimism and a chance to take stock of our goals. 

But the pandemic is far from over and for many, neither are the struggles of 2020.

We’re all being asked to balance the impossible, including home schooling, meetings, physical health and mental wellness. We’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fatigued. Beyond that, many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to find work, put food on the table, and take care of their children. 

Pam Brier

We need more help than ever before. Fortunately, that help is here. 

As executive director of The Action Center, a Jefferson County nonprofit that assists those in our community experiencing hardship, I have seen how many of our neighbors need extra support right now. 

I’m proud to say that we have partnered with Jefferson County and other community organizations — including BGOLDN, Calvary Church Golden, Community Table, Evergreen Christian Outreach, Hunger Free Colorado, Integrated Family Community Services, Jeffco Eats, Joy’s Kitchen, Benefits in Action, Lakewood Connects, Mountain Resource Center and the West Metro Chamber of Commerce — to provide this assistance.

Together, we’ve launched the CommUNITY campaign to connect people in need in Jefferson County with the right support in the right place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Resources include food assistance; layoff support; unemployment assistance; work opportunities; housing; mental wellness support; child care access; assistance for populations including pregnant women, children and aging adults; and more.

Here at The Action Center, we know everyone can use a little help from time to time. We also know it’s not always easy to ask for help, or know where to begin. CommUNITY makes it one step easier by bringing these resources together, quickly connecting you to what you really need. 

Since 1968, The Action Center has been committed to expanding and refining its services to meet the ever-changing needs of our participants throughout Jefferson County. We provide clients with a continuum of services to meet their current needs, and we do it with dignity. 

We give our clients support to help them become self-sufficient and break the cycle of poverty. Our vision is that one day, all individuals and families in our community will have access to the resources, jobs and housing that they need to fulfill their greatest potential. 

We wish you a happy new year, but please know if the stress of 2020 is still with you, it’s OK to ask for help from The Action Center and so many other organizations across Jefferson County who are here for you. 

And, if giving back is part of your resolutions, CommUNITY could use your help spreading the word to your neighbors. Check out www.jeffco.us/community to access resources, learn more and get involved. 

Here’s to a kinder, healthier, 2021. 

Pam Brier is executive director of The Action Center, a Lakewood-based nonprofit providing food, clothing and support services to those in need.

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