COVID-19 Essentials — with eight locations nationally, including this one in Park Meadows Mall, outside Denver — might be the first retail chain dedicated to an infectious disease. (Markian Hawryluk/KHN)

Making money off masks, coronavirus-gear chain store with location in Colorado aims to become obsolete

With many U.S. stores closing during the coronavirus pandemic, especially inside malls, the owners of COVID-19 essentials have seized on the empty space

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What’s Working: A new $375 stimulus, small business grants and tales from Colorado’s unemployment queue

Also: A very important form for renters facing eviction; unopened emails; and a child-at-home mistake

Damn, Dem fundraisers! Please stop the emo emails, the fake birthday cards and the bomb clocks that never run down!

Every minute, it's another email begging for money! I know if Trump wins again, it's the end of democracy, justice and the world as we know it, but these pleas are driving me nuts. And they can't possibly be working, can they?

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Barbara Nickless juggled plot and backstory to create a tale inspired by an Army intelligence officer

She also found one of her writing habits disappeared after she was displaced by the 2012 Waldo Canyon wildfire