One-sided Conversation with COVID-19

(With apologies to Dr. Seuss) 

I do not like you, COVID v.
I do not like you, so you see
I wish that you would go away—
don’t come again another day.
I do not like you, this is true
because the only thing you do
is make us sick and disrupt lives
of friends and families, husbands, wives.

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You make us stay inside when we
have lots of things to do and see.
You make us hoard hand sanitizers,
and turn us into greedy misers
piling toilet-paper rolls
into closets, hidey-holes.

We’re doing social distancing,
have turned to online conferencing,
but I don’t like this way of being
or all the tragedy I’m seeing.
So I’ll repeat myself to say:
COVID-19, go away!

Lynda La Rocca is a poet and freelance writer who lives in Salida.