The following is a prose poem.

Cookies have been baked and today pie crust is mixed to become part of tomorrow’s Coconut cream pie. Tonight’s delight is corned beef and cabbage, our late St. Pat’s Day.

Bird feeders have been filled and bird watching is ongoing with squirrel chasing.

Dog walking completed before 8 a.m. due to unbelievable amount of canine residents with ever stretching leashes.

Sitting on deck and observing neighbor’s pot belly pig rooting in the ground as Mickey makes a bark/whine noise at this strange creature.  

Waving from the distance to passersby.

Food and supplies ordered online put through 24 hour quarantine.

Reading, listening to music, writing, and watching Netflix/Amazon Prime/PBS.

Old documents ready for shredder, computer files being cleaned up, and picture files being organized.

Miss eating out but picked up a pizza, (they brought it to the car) at Big Bill’s, so we now know that life is restrained for now, but not over.

Prayers for all and keep safe.

Darlene Kress is a CPA who lives in Highlands Ranch.