Vail pioneer Bob Lazier. (Vail Daily photo)

By Randy Wyrick, The Vail Daily

Vail pioneer Bob Lazier spent 22 days in the hospital fighting COVID-19 before succumbing to complications from the virus at 1 p.m. Saturday.

Vail pioneer Bob Lazier. (Vail Daily photo)

Diane, Lazier’s wife of 58 years, kept a journal of all the things his doctors and nurses at Lakewood’s St. Anthony Hospital told her while Lazier fought for his life in isolation.

“He fought a very, very valiant fight. It’s so like him,” Diane Lazier said. “He’s the toughest 81-year-old you’ve ever seen.”

One of Lazier’s nurses cried when she called the family around 1 p.m. to say he was going. Family members all gathered around and got to talk to him. That nurse was holding his hand and had moved the bed so the sun was on his face, Diane Lazier said.

“He had a big personality and an incredible amount of energy, full of life,” Diane Lazier said.

Lazier is the seventh Eagle County resident to die from the virus, a county official confirmed Saturday night.