Ceclia Floyd, 6, of Mead, bounds across an inflatable bounce pad at Jellystone Park Camp-Resort. (Andy Colwell, Special to The Colorado Sun)

13 Colorado stories worth a second (or first) look

As we wrap up 2019, we present some of The Colorado Sun stories that our writers and editors think you may have missed the first time around

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Work on new Pikes Peak Summit Complex progresses at 14,115 feet

Halfway into 2020, work is about 50% done on the new visitor’s center, which, at 38,000 square feet, will be more than twice the size of the current Summit House, built in 1963

Littwin: As coronavirus surges, it’s time for Polis to move from encouraging masks to mandating them

This is an easy call. Dr. Fauci says we could reach 100,000 cases a day. It’s up to governors to prevent this disaster. Trump is too busy fighting phony culture wars to bother.