Rais Bhuiyan, Aneelah Afzali, Richard "Mac" McKinney and filmmaker Josh Seftel (l-r) pose for a photo at a September screening in Seattle of Seftel's "The Secret Lives of Muslims" web series, which features short videos of Muslims like Bhuiyan and McKinney. The event included a discussion moderated by Afzali, the executive director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network. (Photo by Krista Welch, special to The Colorado Sun)

A soldier’s plan to bomb an Indiana mosque was thwarted by a welcome that led to conversion to Islam

“The Secret Lives of Muslims” web series shares intimate perspectives of Muslim life in America and will screen during a panel at the Original Thinkers festival this weekend in Telluride.

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Police arrest 83 for curfew violations; Denver mayor calls after-dark mayhem “reckless, inexcusable and unacceptable”

Mayor Michael Hancock, who put curfew in place on Saturday, said daytime demonstrations were effective expressions of outrage over death of George Floyd at hands of police.

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Unsheltered and expecting: A southwest Colorado couple could lose their children if they don’t find housing

Living at Purple Cliffs near Durango has kept them safe from coronavirus, but without running water, the county-sanctioned encampment isn't shelter enough to satisfy agencies charged with protecting children.

Littwin: Tear gas, anger and confusion on the streets of Denver, finger pointing in the Capitol

“In a real sense our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nation’s winters of delay,” MLK said in 1967.