Simla, Colorado, home to the Big Sandy Schools 100J February 25, 2019. (Mark Reis, Special to The Colorado Sun)

By Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat Colorado

Colorado law will soon require students who receive sexual education to learn about consent in school.

But the road to passing that bill was bumpy. The final legislation was heavily amended and passed in the last two days of the legislative session. The bill is still awaiting the governor’s signature.

In response to parent questions, Chalkbeat prepared the below explainer of how sexual education works in Colorado’s public schools, and what exactly was changed through this year’s bill.

First of all, Colorado doesn’t require sexual education in schools

Colorado is one of few states that doesn’t require that students learn either about sexual education or HIV.

School districts can choose whether or not to teach sexual education, and the state does not track how many districts do or don’t teach sexual education.


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