Heather Mobley, who is mentored by Marcus Garcia at his Durango Rock Lounge, is preparing for a climbing competition in Finland. She has been climbing for two years and ice climbing for only four months, but competed in the Ouray Ice Fest a few weeks ago and "conquered a lot of my fears." Garcia says gym workouts, known as dry tooling, "builds their confidence, there's good translation from gym to ice." (Nina Riggio, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Climbing gyms are hot, but longtime climbers worry gym rats aren’t learning basic real-world safety

Traditional mentorships that have passed down safety tips for generations are fading, even as the number of climbers is growing

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Austin Eubanks, Columbine school shooting survivor who became advocate for fighting addiction, found dead

Austin Eubanks was shot in the hand and knee in the Columbine attack that killed 12 classmates and a teacher