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United Airlines sees a supersonic future, orders planes from Colorado-based Boom Supersonic

By David Koenig, The Associated Press United Airlines aims to bring back supersonic travel before the decade is over with a plane that is currently just an artist’s drawing — even the prototype hasn’t flown yet. The airline said Thursday that it plans to buy 15 jets from Boom Supersonic with an option for 35 […]

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Exam finds multiple cracks in part of United Airlines jet engine that exploded over Denver

By David Koenig, The Associated Press Microscopic examination supports early suspicions that wear and tear caused a fan blade to snap inside one engine of a United Airlines plane that made an emergency landing shortly after takeoff last month in Denver, federal safety investigators said Friday. The National Transportation Safety Board said the blade found […]

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United Airlines plane with exploded engine drops debris over Denver area before emergency landing

 A United Airlines passenger jet en route to Hawaii and carrying hundreds of passengers experienced a dramatic engine failure Saturday over the Denver area and dropped a large amount of debris on neighborhoods before safely making an emergency landing. The massive Boeing 777-200 plane — one of the largest aircraft in United’s fleet — landed […]

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United Airlines, a major Denver employer, is sending layoff notices to nearly half of its U.S. employees

By David Koenig, The Associated Press United Airlines will send layoff warnings to 36,000 employees — nearly half its U.S. staff — in the clearest signal yet of how deeply the virus outbreak is hurting the airline industry. United is the largest carrier at Denver International Airport, which is one of the airline’s hubs. United […]

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United tried to cut flights to Gunnison using some questionable geographic reasoning. The feds said no.

Earlier this month, United Airlines sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation asking to cease service into 12 airports and suspend service to six others, even though the airline took a federal grant that requires it to maintain flights during the coronavirus pandemic. One of those airports was Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport, where […]