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TABOR repeal

TABOR repeal

TABOR repeal is off the table for 2020. Now it’s Initiative 271, a $2 billion tax hike targeting the wealthy

Vision 2020 Colorado, a coalition behind a tax system overhaul, tells The Sun it will move forward with a graduated income tax measure that will lower taxes for the vast majority

The tax fight continues in Colorado as liberal group files 35 more ideas for the 2020 ballot

The proposed ballot initiatives would move the state back toward a graduated, or progressive, tax system that would mean higher taxes for the wealthy

Opinion: Colorado said “no” to extreme spending by rejecting Proposition CC

The next fiscal fight in Colorado starts now: A bid to repeal TABOR and one to raise taxes on top earners

The defeat of Proposition CC on the 2019 ballot is not deterring a movement by liberal groups for a graduated income tax system

Meet the million-dollar man behind Proposition CC on Colorado’s 2019 ballot

Dan Ritchie is making his greatest political investment ever and emerging as a leader in the effort to overhaul TABOR

Opinion: Proposition CC isn’t the answer to all of our problems. But it’s a start.

Carman: Colorado can’t afford not to pass Prop CC. Do something.

Opinion: When considering Prop CC, leave property taxes out of the discussion

The political stakes for Proposition CC are huge. It’s a test case for a major fiscal overhaul in Colorado.

The supporters of the ballot question to end TABOR's limits on tax collections signaled that the measure is just the first step toward untying the state's fiscal knot

Opinion: Colorado Democrats want a blank check. King Polis needs to clean up this mess.

In its latest ruling, Colorado Supreme Court once again avoids question at heart of TABOR debate

NFIB filed a lawsuit five years ago arguing that fees levied by the secretary of state’s office violated the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. The ruling left them unsatisfied.

Opinion: Coloradans should get their TABOR tax refunds

Nicolais: With TABOR in their crosshairs, progressives seek to fundamentally change Colorado’s political identity

The constitutional provision’s constraints on legislative taxing and spending power poses the only remaining obstacle to enacting a progressive agenda

Nicolais: IT’S ALIVE! Colorado’s undead TABOR lawsuit lurches forward

The absurd history of case against TABOR seems as ridiculous as Mel Brooks classic

Nicolais: More than TABOR suffered defeat in the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent decision

In a fiery dissent, Justice Monica Marquez highlighted the harm done to judicial precedent

Colorado voters may face ballot question to repeal TABOR after court ruling with “broad implications”

The 5-2 opinion reverses a state title board decision in January that ruled the ballot measure violated the single subject clause of the state constitution