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In 2016, more than 24,000 ballots in Colorado didn’t count. Here are 6 graphics that explain why.

In the 2016 election, 24,189 Colorado voters cast ballots that did not count. It’s a small fraction of the 2.86 million votes tallied, about 0.8%, according to data from the state. But it’s still a notable sum in a state that bills itself as one of the easiest places to vote. The most alarming number: […]

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College students of Colorado: Here’s how to vote, whether you’re currently in the state or not

Colorado will mail out its first round of ballots on Friday. The state has tens of thousands of college students — including those who are in-state and out-of-state, whether or not they are living near their school during the coronavirus pandemic — who are eligible to participate in this year’s election. And even though get-out-the-vote […]

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Colorado election officials must verify a voter’s signature to count a ballot. Here’s how it works.

Perhaps your signature is picture-perfect cursive letters. Or maybe it’s a messy scrawl. Either way, you may be wondering: How do Colorado election officials verify that the signature on your ballot envelope is actually yours? Colorado election officials begin mailing ballots to registered active voters Friday and voters should receive them in the next week. […]