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Opinion: Colorado lawmakers could have reformed how we deal with sex offenders. Instead they kicked the can down the road.

In the wake of the recently completed legislative session in Colorado’s General Assembly, I have lingering concerns regarding House Bill 1320, a piece of “sunset” legislation extending the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board which was passed and sent to the governor. Initially the bill would have reformed the board, but that debate has essentially been […]

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Opinion: Colorado lawmakers must preserve community protection from sex offenders

For over 40 years, researchers have documented and detailed the intentional tactics that sex offenders often use to shift blame and avoid accountability for their choice to victimize children, women and men. This unique group of criminals thrives on deception and hiding in plain sight.  According to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), […]

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Scathing audit criticizes Colorado board on treating sex offenders

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Colorado state auditor has written a scathing performance review about a state board responsible for developing standards for treating and managing registered sex offenders. The audit said members of the Sex Offender Management Board voted on policy revisions that benefited their firms, did not reference supporting evidence when setting standards as […]