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Despite U.S. Supreme Court ruling, redistricting reforms are already taking root in many states. Colorado is one of them.

While ruling that it had no authority to resolve partisan gerrymandering claims, the U.S. Supreme Court noted Thursday that states could act on their own to try to limit the role of politics in drawing congressional and state legislative districts. Several states already have done so, including some where voters adopted constitutional amendments last year. […]

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Colorado is among the growing number of states using redistricting commissions

In most places, state lawmakers and governors are responsible for drawing and approving maps for U.S. and state legislative districts following each U.S. Census. But a growing number of states are shifting the task to independent or bipartisan commissions, or making other changes intended to reduce the likelihood of partisan gerrymandering. Here’s a look at […]

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Armstrong: Amendments Y and Z discriminate against members of Colorado’s minor parties

Gerrymandering undermines democratic institutions. Unfortunately, the Colorado ballot measures intended to fix the problem, Amendments Y and Z, however well-intentioned, are the wrong solution. The measures blatantly discriminate against members of minor parties — 58,219 active voters as of last count — by excluding them from participating in proposed redistricting commissions. Such discrimination is wrong, […]

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Will two redistricting ballot measures this year put an end to one of Colorado’s longest-running political feuds?

Almost three years ago, former state lawmaker Rob Witwer invited a few other “legislative has-beens” to meet him for lunch on the 16th Street Mall. Witwer, ever the optimist, kicked around his ideas for fixing one of the longest-running, most-divisive battles in politics: the fight over political power itself. The downtown lawyer and father of […]