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It’s official: Colorado will get an eighth congressional seat in 2022

Population gains over the past decade mean Colorado will get an eighth congressional seat for the 2022 election, officially opening a political mosh pit of potential candidates who are looking to run for the job.  The U.S Census Bureau released state population figures on Monday that solidified the new seat, which has been long anticipated.  […]

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Young adults moving to states like Colorado are reshaping political geography

By Nicholas Riccardi and Mike Schneider, The Associated Press Garima Vyas always wanted to live in a big city. She thought about New York, long the destination for 20-something strivers, but was wary of the cost and complicated subway lines. So Vyas picked another metropolis that’s increasingly become young people’s next-best option — Houston. Now […]

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Supreme Court seems skeptical of Trump’s plan to exclude noncitizens from the census

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court sounded skeptical Monday that President Donald Trump could categorically exclude people living in the country illegally from the population count used to allot seats among the states in the House of Representatives. But it also appeared possible that the justices could avoid a final ruling on the issue until they […]

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Colorado needs more people to help redraw political maps. And lack of diversity remains an issue.

Colorado officials anticipated a diverse group of more than 1,000 applicants would be interested in serving on each of two panels voters created to redraw electoral representation districts.  Instead, they got a fraction of that number and a group that does not reflect the diversity of the state. That sparse response has led officials and […]

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Colorado’s new redistricting process needs you — yes, you — to help decide the political districts

By a landslide, Colorado voters decided in 2018 to overhaul the state’s once-a-decade redistricting process. The goal: finally putting an end to the partisan bloodsport known as gerrymandering. Now, the responsibility falls on the same voters to ensure that the reforms work as planned. This month, the state began accepting applications to serve on the […]

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Who should represent Colorado? The answers take shape this week as census, redistricting hit key phases

Colorado began its once-a-decade process to redraw the political boundaries for legislative and congressional districts this week, even as uncertainty persists about the accuracy of the census count. For the first time, the state will task the drawing of new district maps in 2020 to independent redistricting commissions, and the process started Monday when the […]