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Nicolais: Blocking you online does not mean I do not like you in person

After several recent social media exchanges with someone I like a lot in person, I blocked him on Twitter — here is why

Opinion Columns faces boycotts, social media backlash over trademark lawsuits. But the company remains mum.’s legal disputes are even broader than originally thought. One Colorado gearmaker is trying to take cover by buying, the snowsports blog founded by the guy who coined the term “backcountry” back in the 80s

Outdoors sues anyone who uses its namesake. Is it bullying or just business?

The online retailer has filed dozens of lawsuits against makers of skis and pants -- and even Backcountry Babes, an avalanche safety course


Harmless fun at a sleepover leads to life-altering consequences via the internet

In "Screenshot," author Donna Cooner explores the issues of privacy and adolescence in a digital world that can change life in a heartbeat

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