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Jennifer Kincheloe built her stories around a relatively little-known venue for women’s rights

In the early 1900s, women in police custody were at the mercy of an entirely male system. Police matrons addressed that problem, and provided rich characters for her novels.

In “The Body in Griffith Park,” a period-piece mystery combines interrogation with romance

While the authorities seek to unmask a killer in early 20th-century California, two of the questioners mix police work with flirtation

Cast your readers’ choice votes for Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers’ 6-word mystery contest

And while you're at it, submit your own beauties for The Colorado Sun's just-for-fun contest until Dec. 1

Author Stephanie Kane created a new kind of detective from a world she knew little about

For "A Perfect Eye," Kane explored the art world, learned its lingo, and created a character whose sharp eye for detail sometimes blinds her to the big picture

In “Ambush,” a detective seeks a young Iraqi boy with secrets — and so does a ruthless killer

Protagonist Sydney Parnell, blood-stained from her brush with the killer Alpha, continues her search just one step ahead of danger

Two buddies, a few beers and the unfettered exchange of crazy ideas gave birth to the adventures of Denver Moon

Warren Hammond explains the creative process that produced the protagonist Denver Moon (and a lot more) who drives the trilogy of sci-fi novels he wrote with Joshua Viola

The escape of an Egyptian princess provides the underpinnings of a trademark Cussler novel

Protagonist Dirk Pitt eventually will be launched on yet another adventure. But first, the authors lay out the ancient story that will tie everything together.

In typical Cussler fashion, “Celtic Empire” begins with a historical premise — and then takes off

Dirk Cussler explains how this Dirk Pitt adventure, co-authored with his father, who died in February, uses an ancient tale from Egypt as a springboard for the globetrotting protagonist

An eager new investigator proves indispensable in a novel about a Colorado cold-case murder

Author Donnell Ann Bell specializes in close-to-home thrillers -- like this 14-year-old unsolved killing suddenly revived by clues from a new crime

Mattie Cobb and her K-9 Robo search for a possible victim — but their find hints at two kinds of predator

In this excerpt from "Tracking Game," author Margaret Mizushima's mystery takes a turn toward a non-human perp. Or unwitting accomplice.

A Colorado author’s novel is full of mystery, but also a narrative that explores all types of love

Margaret Mizushima more fully develops protagonist Mattie Cobb and her trust issues. She also had to create a new villain when the first draft shed a too-sympathetic light.

A Florida swamp guide gets launched on a mystery by discovery of a hat — and a very unusual pair of shoes

Co-authors Carl and Jane Bock pull the reader into a world of natural beauty, fish, birds and crocodiles as they set up events for their protagonist and part-time sleuth

These award-winning Colorado authors offer their picks to kickstart your 2020 reading list

A tale of love and loss and moving on … too soon? A Colorado author used mystery to explore a personal issue.

Would others resent us if we found happiness by moving on with our life before they felt it was appropriate? Or would they do worse?

Take Sherlock Holmes and the steampunk genre, then give it a twist

Author Alex Acks grew up on the great detective stories. In this series of novellas capped by a short story in "Murder on the Titania," the short one was toughest to write.

A body, a pistol, a will, a dog — and a suggestion of zombies — tell a tale of death in polite company

Author Alex Acks' description of a murder scene, a pirate captain and her second-in-command prepares the reader for a very different sort of adventure

Autumn chill, a logical girl, a strange boy and the beating of black wings set scene for young adult novel

Author Susan Cunningham's rhythmic, evocative prose introduces Gin and Felix, two students who partner on a school project on crow behavior that leads to mystery, romance

How Zooey Deschanel and a 90-year-old grandmother inspired a musical passion — and a murder mystery

As if obsession with ukeleles weren't enough, there's also the story of how author C.C. Harrison's book got listed as "underwear" on

Touring a women’s camp, journalist Viva encounters the bald and mysterious Marisol

In a murder mystery set in the Colorado mountains, author C.C. Harrison brings together distinctive characters -- and ukeleles

How a discarded title for her previous book became a Colorado author’s inspiration for the next one

"Burning Ridge" didn't quite fit the last K-9 mystery Margaret Mizushima wrote. But it set her on a course for a new type of crime novel.

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