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Michael Bennet says he’s shifting national health care debate. But even in his home state, there’s pushback.

Michael Bennet is predicating his improbable presidential campaign on the issue of health care — more specifically, the need for a public insurance option and not a “Medicare for All” system. The Colorado senator has lambasted Medicare for All as a “lousy policy” with no chance for passage and enough political baggage to doom the […]

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Michael Bennet looks to New Hampshire to give his 2020 presidential campaign new life

CONCORD, N.H. — Michael Bennet continued to push against the odds Wednesday, making his presidential candidacy in New Hampshire official by securing a spot on the ballot for the state’s February primary. The Colorado senator is largely missing from the public’s view of the Democratic primary, absent from the debate stage and barely registering in […]

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Democrats in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race split on Medicare for All, as Bennet warns it’s “one sure way” to lose

It’s a question splitting Democrats on the national stage and in Colorado’s hotly contested U.S. Senate race: Do you support government-run “Medicare for All” health insurance? The answer carries significant political stakes. Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is running for president and offering an alternative public option proposal, says a Democrat who supports Medicare […]

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Michael Bennet has a warning for Democrats. But it’s not clear how many are listening.

A month before Michael Bennet entered the presidential race, joining a score of Democratic candidates vying to challenge President Donald Trump, he voiced the biggest challenge his eventual campaign would encounter: The tendency in his own party to gravitate toward the end of the ideological spectrum and reach for the easy answer. “I think that […]