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Census Bureau: 70% of voters cast early or mail-in ballots during the 2020 election

By Nicholas Riccardi, The Associated Press More than two-thirds of all U.S. citizens of the voting age population participated in the 2020 presidential election, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report, and 69% of those cast ballots by mail or early in-person voting — methods that Republicans in some states are curtailing. That’s an […]

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More than 2.7 million Coloradans have already voted. Here’s how all those ballots are processed.

Colorado can now add record early-voter turnout to the list of what’s made 2020 a historic year. As of 5:10 p.m. Monday, more than 2.7 million Coloradans had cast their ballots. That’s just over two-thirds of registered voters, and hundreds of thousands more than had cast their ballots at the same point during the 2016 […]

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Colorado election officials say they’re confident voters will be able to cast their votes safely

Colorado election officials are downplaying concerns about Election Day violence and insist voter intimidation has not been a concern, even as a handful of local governments have bolstered election-related safety measures in recent days. Pitkin County officials beefed up election safety by hiring security guards and banning firearms from polling places. Denver officials are preparing […]

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Rejected ballots top 10,000 in Colorado. Election officials are working to get them counted.

Jesus Balderrama voted for the first time in a presidential election this year. But a few days after sending in his ballot, which the Grand Junction resident marked for Democrat Joe Biden, he received a letter from election officials about a discrepancy with his signature.  The letter directed Balderrama to send a text to a […]

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Election officials bolster confidence in election, warn against misinformation at Colorado Sun forum

Colorado election officials on Wednesday sought to bolster voter confidence in the state’s election system and warn against misinformation and disinformation at a virtual forum hosted by The Colorado Sun.  Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said she remained confident in Colorado’s system, a sentiment echoed by her Republican predecessor, Wayne Williams.  “I’m very confident […]

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Jena Griswold says deleted tweets on reporting election results weren’t misinformation

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Friday denied spreading misinformation in a series of since-deleted statements posted to Twitter, tweets in which she called on national media to pledge not to announce any results on election night.  In the tweets sent Thursday night, she warned national media executives that “our democracy cannot be held […]

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Opinion: Will Republican senators give America’s elections a fair chance?

In a cyber-security and disaster exercise less than two years ago, President Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security praised Colorado as a “national leader in safeguarding elections,” saying “we’d love to continue to use you as an example of what other states can adopt.” Why did then-Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen offer such high praise for Colorado’s election […]

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Cory Gardner firmly rejects Trump’s suggestion that election should be delayed

Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, an ally of Donald Trump, on Thursday rejected the president’s statement floating the idea of delaying the Nov. 3 presidential election. “Our country has voted in turbulent times before, including a Civil War, two World Wars, and a global pandemic,” Gardner said in a written statement provided to The Colorado […]