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A love triangle, a randy robot and a kid trying to get her parents back together create a unique genre: the sci-fi rom-com

Jodi Bowersox has been an actress, seamstress, designer, business owner, home school teacher, kids’ choir director, and artist. Her romance novels span genres from faith fiction to suspense to time travel to sci-fi with small town and big city settings. In addition, she has children’s picture books to her credit, a book of stage productions, […]

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Colorado Lottery doesn’t have to pay jackpot winner full prize — even if the others he shared it with cheated, court rules

Colorado does not have to pay a Boulder man the full $4.8 million Colorado Lottery jackpot prize he won back in 2005, even though the two others he split the winnings with were later found to have cheated as part of a scheme to defraud lotteries in multiple states. That was the ruling handed down […]