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Colorado’s new 8th Congressional District kicks 2022 battle for Latino vote into overdrive

Candidates are advertising on Spanish-language TV and radio and in Spanish-language print publications. Political parties and outside groups are registering Latino voters and knocking on their doors. And national organizations are polling Latino voters in Colorado on the issues that matter most to them.

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Opinion: People of color must be included in Colorado Water Plan decisions

Colorado is facing an unprecedented water crisis. In the midst of the worst megadrought in 1,200 years, hotter and drier conditions have fueled increasingly frequent and devastating wildfires. Water flows and reservoir levels in the Colorado River Basin have dropped so precipitously that the river’s ability to provide reliable water supplies, and support the electrical […]

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Racial segregation is getting worse in big U.S. cities — except for Colorado Springs

Since 1990, the United States has become more racially diverse—yet during that same period, racial residential segregation has climbed, according to a yearslong analysis by researchers at the University of California’s Othering & Belonging Institute in Berkeley. In Colorado, two cities fall on opposite ends of the spectrum: Denver is “highly segregated” while Colorado Springs […]

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Opinion: Access and information, not hesitancy, are the biggest challenges in getting more Coloradans vaccinated

As vaccination rates decline across the country, a story has taken hold that “hesitancy” or “resistance” are the barriers we must clear to stop the pandemic.  We surveyed thousands of Coloradans recently and heard a different story: Our neighbors want this life-saving vaccine — they either don’t know how to get to it or face […]